We provide specialist services for:
~ Small and medium sized business
~ Property investors
~ Financial Services consulting (funds under management industry)

Our services comprise :

1st Consultation
Accounting services
Electronic System set-up
Property Investment advice and analysis
Corporate Consulting and Management accounting
Taxation and Compliance
Advice on financial and business structures
Other services

  • We help you set up business accounting systems for efficiency and accuracy
  • We help you manage & plan administrative accounting workflows to ease pressures at year end
  • We supervise or compile monthly or quarterly accounts and GST returns
  • We help you manage Profit, Cashflow, GST, & Accounting systems
  • We offer a mobile service

1st Consultation
~ Analysis of your requirements and financial goals
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Individuals and sole traders
Family Trust

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Accounting services
~ Financial accounting services

~ Financial reporting, analysis of  business performance
~ Budgeting and forecasting
~ Preparation of financial accounts for loan applications
Electronic System set-up 
~ Computerised accounting systems
~ Streamlining and automating processes for efficiency, accuracy and simplicity
~ For budgeting and finance tracking
~ Process/systems training
Property Investment advice and analysis
~ Financial advice on your mortgage structures
~ Investment property (residential) acquisition analysis
~ Debt management, planning and forecasting
~ Wealth creation and protection
~ Creating passive income

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Corporate Consulting
~ Specialist in financial services, funds under management industry
Management accounting
~ Providing guidance and supervision on monthly and year-end general ledger procedures, management and workflow  planning

Taxation and Compliance
~ Taxation advice
~ Tax return preparation

Advice on financial and business structures
~ Financial advice and structures tailored for your individual circumstances

~ Analysis and minimisation of risk
~ Liaison with other related professional providers
~ Education provided for financial knowledge

~ Information on business related books, magazines and seminars provided

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