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We have started a Referral and Award system whereby when you refer 3 prospects and they sign up with Tina Yip and Associates Ltd, then you may choose an award from a list of awards on offer.

What is a Referral Card?

A Referral Card is a tool that has been created in order to keep us all informed as to how many people you have referred and whether they have signed up or not. This card / cards will be emailed to you as the situation changes.




What is an Award?

An award can be your time, services, products you sell or rent, vouchers, etc.

Who Pays for the Awards on offer?

If someone picks the award that you have offered, and it is listed on our website, then Tina Yip and Associates Ltd will pay you for that service or product chosen.

How do I receive an award?

When 3 of your referred prospects sign up with Tina Yip and Associates Ltd, you will be notified that an award is available to you.

This will enable you to pick 1 award from the awards list. This can be done many times over as more of your referrals sign up with Tina Yip and Associates Ltd.
Referral Card (Example)
Award Card (Example)
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